We were in the process of selling our home by owner and were preparing to make an offer on another property when we met Kris. We were not looking for a realtor when he pulled up and introduced himself to us in front of a property for sale one Sunday but we are glad he found us when he did. In the ensuing days he worked hard to clearly define our needs and match us to appropriate properties, showing us several that fit our needs and budget perfectly. Some of them were short sale opportunities that weren’t even on the market or the radar of other realtors yet.

It didn’t take long to realize that Kris does his homework and knows the market as well as anyone we’ve ever worked with. He negotiated a great deal for us on a property that fell through when the seller changed their mind about the closing date well into the contract period. We were already locked into our own contract with a buyer at that point so we couldn’t be flexible. Kris helped free up our option money immediately then went to work again and found a second property right away that was even more perfect than the first, though it was over our budget by a stretch (the only reason we had not considered it in the first place).

We are still amazed that the seller ultimately took our offer, well under market value, as a direct result of Kris negotiating with their realtor well into the night. Kris turned what could have been a costly disappointment into a contract on a beautiful home that met our rigid budget and closing date requirements. We’ve worked with several realtors over the years but we’ve never had one work as hard for us as Kris did, twice. We recommend him often to anyone we know that is looking for a realtor, not just as a favor to Kris but as a favor to our friends. Please consider the merits of our experience with Kris as you select a realtor of your own. We are confident that he will exceed your expectations as diligently as he exceeded ours.

Kevin and Jenny Halliburton


Kristen and I just wanted to say a big thank you for all that you have done for our family and friends. You have helped us by selling my first house, helping us with buying our first house for our newlywed years, and also assisting my parents in selling my grandparents’ house. We also referred you to a good friend of ours, of which you helped sell his house after he had gotten married, as well. We appreciate your professionalism and expanded knowledge in the Real Estate business! We are both working professionals in the Education and Nursing arenas and didn’t have a lot of time to take care of the small details of selling and buying a house, so we were very grateful that you were there to take care of that for us. God Bless!

Russ & Kristen Souders


My husband and I first met Kris when we were touring open houses on Sunday afternoons. For some time, we thought about putting our home on the market but had not found another home we were really interested in purchasing. We ran into Kris from time to time, as he hosted different open houses. Kris remembered us each time and was always interested in helping us find a new home. Armed with a laptop, right there on the spot, he would check for any available homes on the market that he thought might be of interest to us. We finally decided to put our home on the market and see what happened. Kris placed the sign in the front yard on Thursday afternoon, hosted an open house on the following Sunday, and we had two offers by Monday afternoon. We had to get really serious about finding another home and spent several hours with Kris the next few days. After making a decision, Kris handled the mounds of paperwork for both homes without a glitch. Kris is professional, dedicated to his customers, and committed to ensuring satisfaction.

Larry & Linda Smith